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Your First Career Doesn’t have to be Your Last Career

by | Mar 8, 2021 | The Nourish Bowl | 0 comments

At 18 you have to decide what you want to do with your Life. You’ve done the go to school and get a good education and now it’s time to Pick your Career, Work Hard, Pay the Bills, have a Family and Work your way to Retirement. 

You follow the system ⬇️

✅ Go to School 

✅ Go to Uni 

✅ Get a Good Job 

✅ Get Married 

✅ Have Kids

✅ Retire….One Day…..or Maybe Not 

I think it’s important to remember that Life Changes, You Change and Your Ambitions May Change with You and thats Totally Fine!! 

I Remember being in School and knowing Exactly what I wanted to do, there was No Question. I wanted to be a Personal Trainer, Open My Own Gym and have a Health Food Cafe at the Front like when you go into the Big City Gyms (only mines 10x better than I imagined and more than just a cafe as you enter the gym!). I never thought I would be anything else and then came #mumlife. 

A New Life Era, A New Perspective and A New Me! With this also comes a New Mindset. Shifting from Business Women into Mum Mode. I find myself not Needing to Hustle and Being at Peace with looking after my Children.

Who knows where the Future will take me, but I’m excited to following along the journey and find out. 

I always thought that being a personal trainer and gym owner would be my working title. But as life changes, goals change and careers change and that’s okay! 

Goodbye 18 Year Old Mindset, Hello Mum Life!! 

Tay x