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To All The Ladies That Mourn Their Pre Pregnancy Body

by | Feb 3, 2021 | Lifestyle, The Nourish Bowl | 0 comments

Your Beautiful Bundle Arrives and Days Later You Look in the Mirror. Your Skin is Loose, Stretch Marks Cover Your Belly, Your Eyes are Tired, Your Hair is Messy and The Image of The Person in The Mirror isn’t Who You Remember. 

Hello Mumma! You have Transformed into the Most Beautiful Version of Yourself!

You are Not The Same as you Once Were. Your Name has changed to Mum, your Body has Changed to Warrior and your Heart is Full of Love, Uncertainty, Fear and Strength. 

Although you Don’t Recognise the Person mirroring themselves back at You, This is the Most Beautiful you will Ever Be!

Your Body, your Mind and your Heart will Never be the Same Again! And this is a Great Thing! Your Body is Better than Before! It’s Strong, it Provided a Home, it’s a Place of Comfort and it Created Life!

The Unrealistic idea that is portrayed that women should ‘bounce back’ after pregnancy, have tight abs, perfect hair in a slick bun and hitting the gym performing the same as you once did with no aches, pains or even Prolapse for that matter can have women feeling Disappointed in their body.

We should never expect our Body to Be or Perform the Same! You are not the Same. You have Gone on a Transformative Journey to Bring Life into this World. Your Abs are a little more Separated, Your Bones are a little more Fragile, Your Pelvis is a Little more Loose, your Belly is Softer, Your Bum Jiggles and your Mind can’t Remember what day it is. And in all of the Madness their is Soo Much Beauty! 

The Media does a Great Job of Telling you how you Should Be and Not what you have Done! 

They don’t tell you How Great You Are, How Amazing Your Body Is and How Bloody Strong and Fierce You Are! 

The Next Time You Look In the Mirror Remind Yourself of What Your Body has Done For You and Your Baby. Remind Yourself that even though Your Belly is Soft that your Body is Stronger than it Ever Was! 

When you’re in the Gym and the Weight you once Lifted feels like a Distant Memory Remind Yourself that the Weight of The Bar You Lift is Insignificant to the Weight Your Arms Carry for Your Little Bundle and This Is all You Need. 

You Are Amazing, 

You Have Changed, 

You Are Not The Same, 

You Are Better, 

You Are Beautiful, 

You Are Strong and 

You Are Woman!

Welcome Mumma to the Best Body You Will Ever Meet! 💕

Tay xx