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The Secret to the Perfect Exercise

by | Nov 30, 2020 | Fitness, The Nourish Bowl | 0 comments

Everyone has an opinion on what the Best Exercise is and why You should Join Their Program. But I’m going to tell you why Any Program is Perfect for You.

Exercise Routines go in Phases and the Latest Workout is always promoted as the Best for Weight Loss, Toning, Building Muscle, Increasing Fitness and soo on. Next Year there will be a New Program trying to crack the market and Pitching why their Method is the Best.

But the Truth is Any Workout that You Enjoy and Actually Do is the Best for You. If the latest Craze leaves you feeling unmotivated and not really wanting to go back is it really the Best and is it really going to get you towards your goals?

Any form of movement is good for the body whether it be Yoga, Walking, Swimming, Bike Riding, Personalised Programs, HIIT Workouts, Strength. Whatever the movement is if you Enjoy it and stick to it you are going to see Results compared to something you don’t stick to.

The Key to Seeing Results is Consistency. Consistency in any form of movement is going to guarantee results in some way. You may feel more confident, you may have more energy, you may lose weight, you may increase your fitness. There are soo many benefits to consistently moving your Body.

Try different workouts and find what inspires you and fuels your fire, This is the Perfect Workout for you to be Healthy and Happy.

Tay xx