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The Home Birth Journey Of Beau Roy Semmler 4/01/2021

by | Feb 18, 2021 | The Nourish Bowl | 0 comments

“Every Baby Chooses Their Own Time To Enter The World and Beau Did Exactly That.”

I’d been having on and off pains for weeks leading up to Beaus birth Impatiently waiting for something more to happen. Each day I’d get a little excited thinking “maybe today’s the day”, until finally things started moving along on Saturday the 2nd Jan. I began having stronger surges and tightenings in my back and having a little show. At this point I was starting to get really excited and scared all at the same time! I had phoned Rachel (my home birth midwife) and had been keeping her updated as to what my body was doing. Rach was soo great in checking in on me and I felt so safe knowing that she was only a phone call away. 

My surges began getting stronger but were still far apart. We decided to fill up the spa and get our birthing space ready as we felt things were moving along. 

We hung positive birth affirmations up, lit candles, turned on fairy lights, smudged the room, laid out crystals bought by friends and family and messaged our close friends so they could light their special candles during labour. 

Soon later Rachel and Katherine arrived to join our birth team with my Mum, Nana, Sister In Law Ange, Husband Josh and our Beautiful Daughter Maui May. Having everyone there made me feel so safe and nurtured. 

My labour stayed pretty consistent with surges about every 5 minutes on and off.

Rachel and Katherine assisted in helping my surges become stronger and move the labour process along with natural techniques. From Clary Sage oil rolling to Pressure Point Techniques. (And WOW that Clary Sage Definitely Works!!) 

I was soo thankful for the Lower back massages from Rach and Katherine which worked as a natural pain relief to help Me through surges and these were a Saving Grace! Rach and Katherine even kept me hydrated and nourished with smoothies, juices and healthy food! And being a health conscious person I was soo grateful for this. 

My labour continued the same over some time! We went through eventful times during labour from killing snakes mid surge, to labouring out on Maui’s play equipment, to almost going to hospital! 

Rach, Katherine and my Amazing husband Josh we’re so supportive, nurturing and encouraging during the whole labour as I was getting exhausted and so eager to meet our baby. 

After some time we decided it was best to have a “rest” and reassess the progress. 

We all laid down and in about 20 minutes I rolled over in bed to my waters breaking and as I stood up the Baby dropped and it was time to Push!! 

I was soo ready to get this baby out and begin our earth side journey! Rach and Katherine gently guided me through bringing the baby out and not too long later we welcome our baby boy Beau into the world. 

The moment he was out we were all overwhelmed with joy. In this moment I looked at Josh to ask what the time was…after almost 2 days in Labour Beau had made me wait to be born on Josh’s Pop (Roy’s) birthday. I believe this was not an accident. He chose his time to be born and the moment was magical. 

Following the birth we all chatted, ate cake, drank tea and cuddled our baby boy! 

The whole process was soo Natural, Nurturing and Encouraging. Even in the moment when i thought I couldn’t go anymore my birth team gave me the strength to continue on. 

I am soo thankful for the work of Rach and Katherine to allow Home births possible and empower women to Birth on their own terms. 

Tay x