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The Flawed System Of FAD DIETS

by | Nov 24, 2020 | Nutrition | 0 comments

Ever Tried ‘Light and Easy’, ‘The Healthy Mummy’, ‘Michelle Bridges’, ‘The 5/2 Diet’, ‘Jenny Craig’, ‘Slim Shakes’ or Something of the Like?
Well if you have you are like Most People! It usually starts out well and with Good Intentions, Lasts a Couple of Weeks or a Couple of Months until you end up Losing Motivation, The Plan isn’t working or its just Too Hard to Eat the same thing over and over again.
You see the Real Issue is in the Proposed Plan. The Plan Promises you Everything. It Promises you that you will Lose Weight, Have More Energy, Feel Amazing, Look Like a Supermodel and It’s Easy! The Plan has already set you up for Failure. The Plan Cares More about Money than the People who Need Help. The Plan Cares about selling Products and Subscriptions.

Most People Lack Energy these days and a lot of Marketing is Directed this way. You Read that you could have more Energy from Joining the Plan and Suddenly you Feel Hope. You think that this might Finally be the Answer and You Jump on the Next Fad Diet that Promises you a Whole New Life.
Marketing is Good and they know that. They know how to grab your attention and suck you in.
But here’s what they don’t do:
-Get to Know You
-Tell you how Hard it’s going to be
-Get to Know Your History
-Personalise the Plan for You and Your Health Needs
-Look at Your Mental Health
-Look at Your Sleep Routine
-Look at Your Gut Health
-Look at Previous Health Records
-Understand your Current Lifestyle
-Take into Account that each day Differs
-Give You Informed Knowledge about how the Body Actually Works
-Educate You on the Gut Microbiome
-And soo on……

Most Plans work off a Low Calorie Intake to Shed Kilos Fast. They Look at Giving you around 1,500 Calories or Less. Now i know for Me i would Eat A LOT More Than This! And Realistically it is UNSUSTAINABLE! You Cannot Live off 1,500 Calories Daily. Eventually you are going to Need More, You are going to Crave More, and You are going to Give In.

The Plan focusing on People Losing weight in a Short Period of Time and Yes it may be Successful for that short period of time. But what happens after? what happens when you finish and you go back to your old ways? More often than not you Gain it all back Plus MORE! The plan has left YOU feeling like a Failure, Feeling like yet again another plan hasn’t worked for You and Your Motivation is Gone.

If the plan was looking at a Health Point of View it would do soo much more than give you a Meal Plan based on 1,500 Calories and it would do soo much more than Sell you Products Promising to Help Shed the Kilos and Give You Energy.

You see the Problem wasn’t within You, The Problem was within the Plan. The Plan didn’t look at your Overall Health, The Plan didn’t Care about your Health. When you start looking at what Truly Makes a Person Healthy its soo Much More than a Restricted Diet.

-Mental Health
-Physical Health
-Your Job
-Your Lifestyle
-Your Gut Health

We need to start looking at Health and Weight Loss as a WHOLE and being BALANCED in all areas. When You are Truly Healthy You have Energy, You have a Healthy Weight, You Sleep well, You have Motivation and You Feel Good. Your Health Lies within You and Not the Next Fad Diet.

“Hundreds and Millions of people have Counted Calories and Failed to Successfully Lose weight. This is Not because they are Bad People, This is Not Because they aren’t Smart, it’s because The System is Flawed and the Real Education hasn’t been given to People about how the Body Actually Works.”
Quote from “The Model Health Show”.

Tay xx