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It’s Tay here, Owner & Creator of Both The Sweat Shed Gym and The Nourish Bowl Cafe. Here you will find Tips, Motivation, Hacks and Education on all things Health, Fitness & Lifestyle.
Everything you Read is from a Holistic, Natural Based point of view leaving you with Tools on how to improve your Lifestyle & Health with Ease and Fun in your own Home.
My Blog will Leave you feeling Energised, Motivated and Ready to Take on a New Healthy Lifestyle for You and Your Family.
I Believe that Being Healthy & Happy should be Fun and Simple.
If You’re Ready to be Inspired Naturally Dive in to My Blog and lets Discover True Health Together. 🙂  

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Mumma Bear & Baby Beau

Good Morning from my Beautiful Big King Bed with Beau Snuggling in Soo Warm and My Husband Making me a Tea.
Ah, Bliss!
This Mumma is taking this moment this morning too jump on and write to you guys and let you in a little on the last few days!
it’s been very Eventful in the Semmler Household to say the least!
On the 4/01/2021 we Welcomed our little man Beau Roy Semmler into the World.
I was in labour for 2 long days and honestly believe he was waiting for just the right moment to make his appearance into our Lives Earth Side. Although I wish he hadn’t of made me labour for 2 days and wait so long but we are soo Happy that he is here and we can Nurture him on the Outside Daily.
We’ve been adjusting to Life again with a New little Bubba and Finding our Feet one step at a time.
Each time you have a Baby it changes your Life again, your Routine, your Hormones, your Daily Duties and Everything in between. It’s a full shift that you Have to work it out all over again.
I’m so Blessed to have such a beautiful new extension that allows me to feel Safe and Happy. With Great Big Windows, Beautiful Timber Beams, Glorious En-suite a step away and a Byron Buy Luxurious Hanging Chair just outside.
it’s made me feel so Comfortable that I don’t feel the need to leave or rush. I’m enjoying being home with my family and my babies to get used to our new Norm. Honestly haven’t really moved much from the bed to the hanging chair to the kitchen!
My Gorgeous Daughter Maui May has been Amazing adjusting to her New little Brother. She helps to burp him, wrap him and gives him lots of cuddles and kisses. She’s doing well adjusting to little Beau, besides the minor things like wanting me to run with her down the driveway 3 days after giving birth (ah, no thanks! Lol) and swinging on Beaus baby swing when I need to put him in it. She’s such a cheeky, vibrant, curious little girl.
oh and my Amazing Husband Josh has been taking good care of us! Honestly so lucky to have such a Caring Husband that takes everything in his stride.
We are soo Happy to be a new Family of 4 and can’t wait to see what the rest of 2021 holds for the Semmler Family.
For now I’ll just be enjoying my family and my beautiful home to bring in the New Year.


-Tays Home Birth Story- Stay tuned to hear about our incredible, adventurous, long, blissful Home Birth.

Do Personal Trainers Eat Healthy All The Time?

The Million Dollar Question You are All Dying to Hear!

You know when you have a trainer and you eat a naughty chocolate and you feel like a failure because you fell off the ban wagon? Well guess what that’s actually just called being human! And your trainer more than likely has a few sneaky chocolates here and there. They’d probably be lying if they said they didn’t.

I’m a personal trainer and I can tell you right now that eating healthy 100% of the time just doesn’t happen! Not only is it not realistic but by fully restricting yourself it can make your eating habits worse and when you do crave something unhealthy you totally binge out and that’s when the guilt kicks in!

The best thing anyone can do including personal trainers is adopt a healthy balanced lifestyle which includes having a few of your favourite treats here and there without guilt.

I’m a total sucker for pizza! Omg, I can literally eat a whole pizza! I’ve only recently been okay with sharing the fact that yes, I like to eat pizza and other unhealthy treats here and there. I think by putting out that you eat healthy all the time can set up unrealistic expectations for other people that follow you, including your clients. I’ve actually found that by letting people see the real personal trainer lifestyle they can connect with you more and don’t look at you like you are something they can’t achieve.

Trainers are humans to and they still like to eat for fun and satisfaction just like everyone else. The secret with trainers is that we know how to eat healthy and when it’s appropriate to have extra water, eat more fats, proteins etc. We know how to connect our bodies with the foods that we eat and understand that the feeling of health is soo much more than a good piece of chocolate.

So next time you come across a personal trainer or Instagram page that only speaks health to you, remember they are human and are probably eating chocolate whilst writing their next post.

Tay xx

The State you Work in and How Your Breath Plays an Important Role

This morning I sat in the sandpit with Maui just Digging, Observing, Thinking and Being. I sat there and thought about the blog that needed to be written and the newsletter that needed to be done. I thought how I could get up and do it in that moment knowing that Maui would be pulling at me, ripping at the laptop, drawing on the laptop and how it would be a frustrating chore. I decided to sit and be in the moment and that I would do it at a better time when I could be more present with my work. I felt my body ease, I felt my throat relax and my mind become calm. I realised in this moment that if I allow myself to relax now my work later will actually be better. I will be more focused, I will be calmer, I will be able to write with peace and clear clarity. I realised that I could just get things done because they needed to get done or I could get things done a little later with motivation and ease. 

It made me think about how everything we do can be soo rushed and just trying to get task after task done without stopping for a second to take a breath, be present and move on to the next task when your mind is less busy. 

We could complete each task with frustration, stress and in a rush or we could take a few minutes to breathe and do something we enjoy and attend to the task later and compete that task at a higher, less stressed standard. 

Now I know when you have kids it’s all about time limits and when can I get that next job done. But what is this actually doing to our mental health? Acknowledging that maybe only 1 task a day might get done and being a more present, calm mother is much better than doing 10 jobs, hating your life, resenting your kids and feeling exhausted. Now don’t get me wrong I still have days like this but most days you just have to say f*** it!! (excuse the French) but when you let go of the unrealistic super mum you open yourself up to bigger and greater things. Your mind becomes clear and your world becomes lighter. 

The way you breathe has a massive effect on how you take on a task. When you can control your breath, you can navigate through anything in life. Your breath is the most powerful tool you can have when you know how to work it properly. The thing that changes in all situations when you are stressed, worried, happy, sad, anxious or excited is your breath, without you even realising. Your breath has the power to determine how you take on a task. If you can control your breath you can control your body’s ability to get through difficult tasks.  

The best way to navigate your breath and make daily tasks simpler is to meditate. Even if you meditate for 5 minutes. All you have to do is focus on your breath. Breathe into your belly, breathe deeply and slowly out. Repeat and relax your body. Relax your shoulders, your throat, your fingers and your toes, become calm and light. When you can take power over the way your body is in that moment you can take power over stressful and hard situations. Practice this daily and you will be a whole new person ready to take on the world! This will do far more than rushing to your next job and doing that job at 50%. 


-Get a meditation app

-Read the book ‘Think Like A Monk’

-Create a space just for you 

Tay xx 

WORKOUT Wednesday

5 Wall Balls
5 Squat Jumps
5 Banded Squats
x 3

5 (Heavy) Deadlifts
x 3 rest 1 min Between Sets

10 Wall Balls
10 Box Jumps
10 Deadlifts
200m Run
x 4 Rounds

Plank 30 sec
Side Plank 30 sec each side
x 2

Stretch 5 min

The Secret to the Perfect Exercise

Everyone has an opinion on what the Best Exercise is and why You should Join Their Program. But I’m going to tell you why Any Program is Perfect for You.

Exercise Routines go in Phases and the Latest Workout is always promoted as the Best for Weight Loss, Toning, Building Muscle, Increasing Fitness and soo on. Next Year there will be a New Program trying to crack the market and Pitching why their Method is the Best.

But the Truth is Any Workout that You Enjoy and Actually Do is the Best for You. If the latest Craze leaves you feeling unmotivated and not really wanting to go back is it really the Best and is it really going to get you towards your goals?

Any form of movement is good for the body whether it be Yoga, Walking, Swimming, Bike Riding, Personalised Programs, HIIT Workouts, Strength. Whatever the movement is if you Enjoy it and stick to it you are going to see Results compared to something you don’t stick to.

The Key to Seeing Results is Consistency. Consistency in any form of movement is going to guarantee results in some way. You may feel more confident, you may have more energy, you may lose weight, you may increase your fitness. There are soo many benefits to consistently moving your Body.

Try different workouts and find what inspires you and fuels your fire, This is the Perfect Workout for you to be Healthy and Happy.

Tay xx

WORKOUT Wednesday 🙂

5 Minutes of Mobility: Stretching upper body, Rolling calves and quads on Foam Roller
(if you don’t have access to this just stretch lower body)

20 Pushups x 4 (Try some Reps on your Toes)

10, 20, 30, 20, 10
Squat Jumps
Leg Raises

Stretch 5 Min

The Flawed System Of FAD DIETS

Ever Tried ‘Light and Easy’, ‘The Healthy Mummy’, ‘Michelle Bridges’, ‘The 5/2 Diet’, ‘Jenny Craig’, ‘Slim Shakes’ or Something of the Like?
Well if you have you are like Most People! It usually starts out well and with Good Intentions, Lasts a Couple of Weeks or a Couple of Months until you end up Losing Motivation, The Plan isn’t working or its just Too Hard to Eat the same thing over and over again.
You see the Real Issue is in the Proposed Plan. The Plan Promises you Everything. It Promises you that you will Lose Weight, Have More Energy, Feel Amazing, Look Like a Supermodel and It’s Easy! The Plan has already set you up for Failure. The Plan Cares More about Money than the People who Need Help. The Plan Cares about selling Products and Subscriptions.

Most People Lack Energy these days and a lot of Marketing is Directed this way. You Read that you could have more Energy from Joining the Plan and Suddenly you Feel Hope. You think that this might Finally be the Answer and You Jump on the Next Fad Diet that Promises you a Whole New Life.
Marketing is Good and they know that. They know how to grab your attention and suck you in.
But here’s what they don’t do:
-Get to Know You
-Tell you how Hard it’s going to be
-Get to Know Your History
-Personalise the Plan for You and Your Health Needs
-Look at Your Mental Health
-Look at Your Sleep Routine
-Look at Your Gut Health
-Look at Previous Health Records
-Understand your Current Lifestyle
-Take into Account that each day Differs
-Give You Informed Knowledge about how the Body Actually Works
-Educate You on the Gut Microbiome
-And soo on……

Most Plans work off a Low Calorie Intake to Shed Kilos Fast. They Look at Giving you around 1,500 Calories or Less. Now i know for Me i would Eat A LOT More Than This! And Realistically it is UNSUSTAINABLE! You Cannot Live off 1,500 Calories Daily. Eventually you are going to Need More, You are going to Crave More, and You are going to Give In.

The Plan focusing on People Losing weight in a Short Period of Time and Yes it may be Successful for that short period of time. But what happens after? what happens when you finish and you go back to your old ways? More often than not you Gain it all back Plus MORE! The plan has left YOU feeling like a Failure, Feeling like yet again another plan hasn’t worked for You and Your Motivation is Gone.

If the plan was looking at a Health Point of View it would do soo much more than give you a Meal Plan based on 1,500 Calories and it would do soo much more than Sell you Products Promising to Help Shed the Kilos and Give You Energy.

You see the Problem wasn’t within You, The Problem was within the Plan. The Plan didn’t look at your Overall Health, The Plan didn’t Care about your Health. When you start looking at what Truly Makes a Person Healthy its soo Much More than a Restricted Diet.

-Mental Health
-Physical Health
-Your Job
-Your Lifestyle
-Your Gut Health

We need to start looking at Health and Weight Loss as a WHOLE and being BALANCED in all areas. When You are Truly Healthy You have Energy, You have a Healthy Weight, You Sleep well, You have Motivation and You Feel Good. Your Health Lies within You and Not the Next Fad Diet.

“Hundreds and Millions of people have Counted Calories and Failed to Successfully Lose weight. This is Not because they are Bad People, This is Not Because they aren’t Smart, it’s because The System is Flawed and the Real Education hasn’t been given to People about how the Body Actually Works.”
Quote from “The Model Health Show”.

Tay xx

About Me & My Health Journey

We are all told from the moment we are born that we are deficient, that we are imperfect and need medical intervention straight away.

We are all given the same routine drugs and health care advice.

But what happens if you aren’t deficient and what happens if your body is functioning better than the person next to you?

Why all of a sudden did we become deficient as soon as we take our first breath?

These are all questions I have grown to ask over the course of learning about my own health and body.

They are also questioning that we don’t commonly ask.

My first problem with my skin began around age 6. I started getting a rash on my neck. I have some theories about why this may be but I’m going to let you have a little think about certain things that can cause autoimmune diseases in people, especially at a young age.

My rash continued for some time at which point we ended up getting a biopsy to find out the exact diagnosis. My skin condition is called Dariers Disease. A rare disease that affects the correct formation of the skin cells.

Once we got the diagnosis it’s pretty much standard procedure from there.

“oh, there’s not much we can do for you.”

“here’s a steroid cream to help.”

“here’s some Roaccutane for 6 years of your life”

“why don’t we try relying on antibiotics daily”

All these suggestions and appointments took about 10 minutes and cost a couple of hundred dollars plus the medication.

Now at this time I didn’t know to ask questions. What I knew was that the doctors knew best and that’s all that was going to help me. (or so I thought)

So, over the years from 2007-2013 I relied heavily on Roaccutane and antibiotics to stop my skin from flaring up. These drugs are something that should NEVER be taken for a long time. But as a teenage girl who just wanted to fit in you do anything to have clear skin.

These drugs didn’t stop all my flareups, I still got them and sometimes bad! These would often end in tears, distress, A LOT of makeup and anger.

I also tried laser skin surgery to remove the top layers of skin and promote new healthy skin. This was the most excruciating thing I have been through. They didn’t even get to do as many layers as they wanted and I even had the green whistle. But do you know what the worst bit was? It didn’t even work!

And Even though flareups kept happening I never thought to look at what might actually be causing the problem….

My diet was far from good. No water was in sight, coke and cordial were my choice of drink, pizza, party pies and cheese and bacon buns were a favourite for lunch. But I didn’t even think that this would be causing any problems.

Why do we not have more education around healthy eating and healthy guts especially in kids?!

Anyways in 2013 I decided enough was enough! I did not want to be taking medication anymore! I needed to look down other avenues. I could not have kids whilst being on this medication and you had to be off it for some time if you were even thinking about having kids. So it was time to get clear!

Now, I don’t know what triggered me to start changing my diet, this I can’t remember but little by little I was changing things. Foods like gluten and dairy I started to steer clear of. These foods can cause a massive inflammatory response in the gut leading to many problems including skin conditions. I started eating veggies and drinking water. I started looking at food in terms of health and not “Fat” or “Skinny”. I started to realise that maybe I could manage my skin through diet!

My Diet got better and better. My knowledge about health got wider and the power I felt that I could control this was immense.

I now know what triggers my flareups. Somethings still take time to sit down and work out but I know a list of things that cause my skin irritation.





-Chemicals (no pool swimming for me!)



This is just a simple list and I know if any of these things become present within me, I will experience a flareup and yes I still do!

I continue to research and learn about gut health, Mental health and how we can improve our microbiome with what we eat, how we view the world and our stress response.

I work with a naturopath and also take supplements such as vitamin C, probiotics and cod liver oil.

So, if I can control my skin problem via what enters my body what other diseases can we control?

Through my experience and opinion, a lot of autoimmune diseases and conditions we see today can be managed via a diet and lifestyle change. But you have to do the work, you have to look deep, you have to be patient and you have to know that there are other avenues than medicine.

The medical world is fantastic and saves lives but the medical world is also overused. Be careful with what enters your body and be conscientious about what enters your body.

Always make an informed decision about why you are doing what you are doing and the outcome.

Your Gut health is important and you are the only one that has control over Your Health!

I hope this little insight to my health has inspired you in some way to become healthier or research more about conditions you may have.

Tay xx