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It’s Tay here, Owner & Creator of Both The Sweat Shed Gym and The Nourish Bowl Cafe. Here you will find Tips, Motivation, Hacks and Education on all things Health, Fitness & Lifestyle.
Everything you Read is from a Holistic, Natural Based point of view leaving you with Tools on how to improve your Lifestyle & Health with Ease and Fun in your own Home.
My Blog will Leave you feeling Energised, Motivated and Ready to Take on a New Healthy Lifestyle for You and Your Family.
I Believe that Being Healthy & Happy should be Fun and Simple.
If You’re Ready to be Inspired Naturally Dive in to My Blog and lets Discover True Health Together. 🙂  

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Gratitude ☀️🌈

What are You Grateful for Today?? 

My Top 3 Today ⬇️

The Sun ☀️ 

Time 🔢

Friendships 🤗

It’s Easy to be Grateful but we don’t often Stop to Think or Appreciate what exactly it is that we are Grateful for. 

Lately I have Found Myself Really Immersing in the Moment.

Looking into My Kids Eyes and Stopping to Notice the Way they Look at You with such Love. The way that you are Their World. 

I’ve been Noticing how the Sun Feels on My Skin and Looking up at the Sky. Even yesterday I took Maui and Beau for a Walk and Maui was in Awe of the Moon. She Stopped to look at it and took it all in. She was telling me how the Moon was in the Sky and Talking to it. It’s something as Simple as the Moon that we can be Soo Grateful for. 

It’s something as Simple as having 4 Walls around You, Having 2 Legs to Stand on, having Friends to Lean on, having Running Water or having Grass. 

I Notice how when I have a Conversation I realise in the Moment how much Better off than some People we are. How it is such a Privilege just to be able to go for a Walk. Because In that Moment that you are Walking Someone Else might not be. 

In Every Moment & Any Moment there is ALWAYS Something to be Grateful for no Matter how Big or Small. 

When you are Sick, be Grateful for the Health you Had 

When you are Sad, be Grateful for the Tears you can Cry

When you are Hurting, be Grateful for the Supportive People you have 

When you are Cold, be Grateful that you have the Opportunity to get Warm 

When you are Lonely, be Grateful for the Time to Think & Expand on You

When you have No Money, be Grateful for Experiences that come your Way 

When you have no Shelter, be Grateful that your Body can see the Sun 

There is a Grateful Moment in Any Ungrateful Moment. 


What are You Grateful for Today? 

Tay xx 

❤️Letting Go of Relationships that No Longer Serve You

Well thank Feck the Week is Almost Over!! 

It’s been a week of Laughter, Tears, Tantrums and Unsettled Feelings. There’s been Negative Energy in the Air and I Hope it starts to Shift soon. 

This week was about Learning to let go. I’ve had to Learn to let go of Friendships that are No Longer Serving me as they once were. 

For Me this is Really Hard because I Fall into the Category of a “People Pleaser”, I want everyone to Like Me and I want to be Friends with Everyone. And well, You just can’t be. 

It’s Funny how when you are going through or experiencing something the universe sends lots of Friendly Reminders or Gentle Nudges your way. 

This week on a Podcast I was listening to they were talking about how you need to Recognise when a Friendship is more about Reminiscing Memories than making New Ones and how People Grow apart and go on their own Journey. 

An Email came through the other day with a section about how she was Focussing Too much on Old Relationships she couldn’t see the New ones in front of her. 

And then this popped up a couple of times on Instagram: 

Your New Life is going to Cost You Your Old One. 

It’s going to cost you your Comfort Zone and your sense of Direction. 

It’s going to cost you Relationships and Friends. 

It’s going to cost you being Liked and Understood. 

But it doesn’t Matter. 

The People that are Meant for You will Meet you on the Other Side. 

You’re going to Build a New Comfort Zone around the things that actually Move you Forward. 

And instead of being Liked you are going to be Loved.

Instead of being Understood you are going to be seen.

All You’re going to Lose is what was Built for a Person you No Longer are.

Let it Go. 💕

I think this is the way of the Universe Telling Me I have Grown and it’s Time to Move on. 

Tay xx 

Fill Your Own Cup First 🍷🍷🍷

You know when your phone dings and it’s another message from someone wanting to catch up, have a meeting or “call me when you get five”. You don’t reply straight away because you are literally thinking the next time I get 5 I’ll be doing nothing! 

Becoming a mum makes your life busy, becoming a mum of 2 makes your life even busier. With myself between 2 business, 2 kids, house work, cooking, creating, social media, animals and soo much more by the time I’ve done all my jobs (if I get to them all, highly unlikely) I just want to sit, have a cup of tea and just breathe for 5 seconds. 

Today all I wanted to do was make some Healthy Brownie and Go for a Run. Today all I did was work on the Gym, Cafe and House work, Oh and look after 2 wingy kids that just wanted mums attention. 

I find myself struggling between having a social life but also wanting to spend quality time with my kids but also wanting to be by myself. Anyone else feel me?! 

Prioritising what is most important to you  and what is Really going to Fill Your Cup will not only make you a Better Person but also a Healthier Person. 

By Simply saying No to some things like; an Extra Meeting that week or a Catch up with a Friend and Leaving some time Open just for You can really Help your Mental Health. 

Over the next 2 Weeks I have over Booked myself between Meetings, Catch Ups, Birthday Parties and Events. I have Committed to Saying No more once these few weeks are over. 

I Need to do this for Me and My Kids. I know when I’m too Busy in my own Head my kids 100% feed off this and turn into little feral children. By slowing down, appreciating them and being in the moment it not only calms them down but makes the mood and flow of the day soo much nicer, When We aren’t running from place to place, rushing to get into the car, rushing to get home for their nap or rushing to find something to eat. 

The simpleness of No can make a world of Difference. 

So hands up if you are with me to commit to more time for You with a little less Yes and a little More No. 🤗

I’m Filling My Own Glass Of Wine First! 🍷

Tay x 

Your First Career Doesn’t have to be Your Last Career

At 18 you have to decide what you want to do with your Life. You’ve done the go to school and get a good education and now it’s time to Pick your Career, Work Hard, Pay the Bills, have a Family and Work your way to Retirement. 

You follow the system ⬇️

✅ Go to School 

✅ Go to Uni 

✅ Get a Good Job 

✅ Get Married 

✅ Have Kids

✅ Retire….One Day…..or Maybe Not 

I think it’s important to remember that Life Changes, You Change and Your Ambitions May Change with You and thats Totally Fine!! 

I Remember being in School and knowing Exactly what I wanted to do, there was No Question. I wanted to be a Personal Trainer, Open My Own Gym and have a Health Food Cafe at the Front like when you go into the Big City Gyms (only mines 10x better than I imagined and more than just a cafe as you enter the gym!). I never thought I would be anything else and then came #mumlife. 

A New Life Era, A New Perspective and A New Me! With this also comes a New Mindset. Shifting from Business Women into Mum Mode. I find myself not Needing to Hustle and Being at Peace with looking after my Children.

Who knows where the Future will take me, but I’m excited to following along the journey and find out. 

I always thought that being a personal trainer and gym owner would be my working title. But as life changes, goals change and careers change and that’s okay! 

Goodbye 18 Year Old Mindset, Hello Mum Life!! 

Tay x 

Clear The Clutter & See The Beauty

Have you ever been on your phone or computer all day and realise you haven’t even noticed your surroundings? You’ve been soo busy in your own head, you’ve missed what’s right in front of you? 

It’s so easy to do and often we don’t appreciate the small things or what’s been there all along.

I sat in my room the other day looking out the window behind my beautiful sheer white curtains and I took in my surroundings. I’ve been soo busy thinking of everything that needs doing that I’d forgotten to appreciate what’s around me. I began thinking of when we first moved into our new room with polished concrete floors, exposed rafters, an en-suite, a big king bed and beautiful big windows that let the sun light beam in. I was soo excited for the first night we slept in our new room. I started to remember that feeling I had and realised I’d gotten complacent with our room and my appreciation had slipped away. 

I’ve been soo busy worrying about what’s next: 

-extend the deck 

-do the washing

-vacuum the floors 

-post on social media

-create Veggie garden 

And the list keeps going 

My list often becomes endless and I always worry about the next things rather than focusing on what I have Right Now. I forget to Appreciate Everything we have already created. I get soo worked up on improving that I don’t notice how much we’ve already achieved and the beauty in my own home. 

This last week I’ve been taking time to slow down, breathe, look up and take in what’s around me. Take in my beautiful bedroom, take in our beautiful yard for the kids to play, take in our big open kitchen. Appreciate what we’ve built and worked soo hard for. Look up from my phone and notice what’s right in front of me.

Today’s Tip is to Stop Hustling soo Hard you Forget what You’ve Already Created. 

See the Beauty You Have Right Now! 

Tay xx 

Every Time You Put Something Into Your Body You Are Either Feeding Disease Or Fighting It.

My Nana asked me the question the other day about what Eating certain foods will do to you. She’s been Loving Feeding Maui Juice, Bickies and Dip, Cake and Soo On. She said to me “what’s it going to do to her?” And always says “just let her have some, a little bit won’t matter.”

My Nana Grew up when foods were a lot simpler. You drank milk straight from the cow, your bread wasn’t so processed and your juice was just well, juice! It’s hard for her to understand that since then the food industry has changed to Cheap, Nasty, Additives and Preservatives. Nothing is exactly what it seems. Juice has unnecessary added Sugars, Bread has strayed from traditional cooking methods and uses wheat that has been genetically modified to feed the masses cheap and fast and dairy causes inflammation in majority of the population. 

The best way I can explain to my Nana about why actually Yes, a little Does Matter is by saying “everything you put into your body is either Feeding Disease or Fighting it.”

You have the Privileged Opportunity to have Control over your Health by what you put into Your Body.

This is something we take for granted.

Your Gut Health starts from before you are conceived. It starts from what your parents health is like, what they ate and what the fed their minds. Every meal, every conversation is an opportunity to better your Health.

You have Control over this and Every Cake you Eat is going to be Adding the wrong kind of Bacteria and Nutrient to your Body. Every Cake you eat adds up over time and can have a Direct Impact to your Health. 

Just like every Form of moment can add up to make you Fitter, every form of Sugar can add up to make you Sicker. 

Small things Lead to Big Things.

Realise that You are in Control over what goes into your Body and each Choice Directly Affects Your Health.

So Yes Nana, It Does Matter. 

Tay xx 

The Home Birth Journey Of Beau Roy Semmler 4/01/2021

“Every Baby Chooses Their Own Time To Enter The World and Beau Did Exactly That.”

I’d been having on and off pains for weeks leading up to Beaus birth Impatiently waiting for something more to happen. Each day I’d get a little excited thinking “maybe today’s the day”, until finally things started moving along on Saturday the 2nd Jan. I began having stronger surges and tightenings in my back and having a little show. At this point I was starting to get really excited and scared all at the same time! I had phoned Rachel (my home birth midwife) and had been keeping her updated as to what my body was doing. Rach was soo great in checking in on me and I felt so safe knowing that she was only a phone call away. 

My surges began getting stronger but were still far apart. We decided to fill up the spa and get our birthing space ready as we felt things were moving along. 

We hung positive birth affirmations up, lit candles, turned on fairy lights, smudged the room, laid out crystals bought by friends and family and messaged our close friends so they could light their special candles during labour. 

Soon later Rachel and Katherine arrived to join our birth team with my Mum, Nana, Sister In Law Ange, Husband Josh and our Beautiful Daughter Maui May. Having everyone there made me feel so safe and nurtured. 

My labour stayed pretty consistent with surges about every 5 minutes on and off.

Rachel and Katherine assisted in helping my surges become stronger and move the labour process along with natural techniques. From Clary Sage oil rolling to Pressure Point Techniques. (And WOW that Clary Sage Definitely Works!!) 

I was soo thankful for the Lower back massages from Rach and Katherine which worked as a natural pain relief to help Me through surges and these were a Saving Grace! Rach and Katherine even kept me hydrated and nourished with smoothies, juices and healthy food! And being a health conscious person I was soo grateful for this. 

My labour continued the same over some time! We went through eventful times during labour from killing snakes mid surge, to labouring out on Maui’s play equipment, to almost going to hospital! 

Rach, Katherine and my Amazing husband Josh we’re so supportive, nurturing and encouraging during the whole labour as I was getting exhausted and so eager to meet our baby. 

After some time we decided it was best to have a “rest” and reassess the progress. 

We all laid down and in about 20 minutes I rolled over in bed to my waters breaking and as I stood up the Baby dropped and it was time to Push!! 

I was soo ready to get this baby out and begin our earth side journey! Rach and Katherine gently guided me through bringing the baby out and not too long later we welcome our baby boy Beau into the world. 

The moment he was out we were all overwhelmed with joy. In this moment I looked at Josh to ask what the time was…after almost 2 days in Labour Beau had made me wait to be born on Josh’s Pop (Roy’s) birthday. I believe this was not an accident. He chose his time to be born and the moment was magical. 

Following the birth we all chatted, ate cake, drank tea and cuddled our baby boy! 

The whole process was soo Natural, Nurturing and Encouraging. Even in the moment when i thought I couldn’t go anymore my birth team gave me the strength to continue on. 

I am soo thankful for the work of Rach and Katherine to allow Home births possible and empower women to Birth on their own terms. 

Tay x 

Delegating and Letting Go of Expectations

Are you the Type of Person that Feels like they Have to do it All??

Do you Feel Guilty for Not Getting Tasks Done and Asking for Help??

Do you Rate your Success Based on how much you Achieve in a Day?? 

I Totally Understand You!! 

This is Me on a Daily Basis. 

Is this Pressure we place on Ourselves or is it the way Society has Moulded our Behaviour? 

I was on Instagram and came across a Mum who was saying that this Year so she doesn’t Burn Out there’s a few things she needs to Change. She was going to Order Healthy Prepped Foods, Get a House Cleaner and Put Her Kids in an Extra Day of Day Care. She told her Hubby and he was really Supportive but Proceeded to say “isn’t there One Person that could do ALL of those things?”

To which she Replied “Yes! But it’s a Full Time Job!” 

Sometimes you need someone to put things into Perspective in order for you to have that ‘ah huh’ Moment. This was Mine!

I Realised that by Just Doing the so Called “Mum Jobs” around Home this was Actually a Full Time Job that you Don’t get Paid For and you are just Expected to do. From Cleaning The House, to Cooking Meals for Everyone, to Wiping Bums and Keeping Kids Alive! This is Full Time! And what’s Better there is No Clock On or Clock Off Time. So When you Add Work, Studying and Kids Social Activities on Top of All that it’s Easy to see how Break Downs Happen, Relationships Fail and You Begin to Lose Yourself. 

So what can We do to Fix This?? 

Let Go Of Expectations! 

Let Go Of Feeling Like YOU Have To Do It All! 

And Delegate Tasks that Take Away from what Makes you Happy.

Nobody can do it All! 

Not even the Mum down the Road with the Neatest House, the Tightest Dress and Perfect Lipstick!

What you don’t know is she has a Nanny, Personal Trainer, Cleaner and Garden Carer.

She Cannot do it All and Neither Can, Nor Should You. 

So Sit Down, Write a List of all Your Daily Tasks and Decide what Most Serves YOU and Let Go of What Doesn’t! 

Life’s too Short to Burn Out Daily!

You Need to Enjoy Your Kids, Enjoy Your House, Enjoy Your Life! 

I’m Letting Go Of My Cleaning and Getting a Cleaner once a Week so I can Spend More Time With My Family. My Family is The Most Important Thing To Me and Not Being Present with them because I’m Busy Cleaning the House is something I’m Willing to let go of. 

So What are You Letting Go Of in Order to Live Your Best Life??! 

Tay x 

To All The Ladies That Mourn Their Pre Pregnancy Body

Your Beautiful Bundle Arrives and Days Later You Look in the Mirror. Your Skin is Loose, Stretch Marks Cover Your Belly, Your Eyes are Tired, Your Hair is Messy and The Image of The Person in The Mirror isn’t Who You Remember. 

Hello Mumma! You have Transformed into the Most Beautiful Version of Yourself!

You are Not The Same as you Once Were. Your Name has changed to Mum, your Body has Changed to Warrior and your Heart is Full of Love, Uncertainty, Fear and Strength. 

Although you Don’t Recognise the Person mirroring themselves back at You, This is the Most Beautiful you will Ever Be!

Your Body, your Mind and your Heart will Never be the Same Again! And this is a Great Thing! Your Body is Better than Before! It’s Strong, it Provided a Home, it’s a Place of Comfort and it Created Life!

The Unrealistic idea that is portrayed that women should ‘bounce back’ after pregnancy, have tight abs, perfect hair in a slick bun and hitting the gym performing the same as you once did with no aches, pains or even Prolapse for that matter can have women feeling Disappointed in their body.

We should never expect our Body to Be or Perform the Same! You are not the Same. You have Gone on a Transformative Journey to Bring Life into this World. Your Abs are a little more Separated, Your Bones are a little more Fragile, Your Pelvis is a Little more Loose, your Belly is Softer, Your Bum Jiggles and your Mind can’t Remember what day it is. And in all of the Madness their is Soo Much Beauty! 

The Media does a Great Job of Telling you how you Should Be and Not what you have Done! 

They don’t tell you How Great You Are, How Amazing Your Body Is and How Bloody Strong and Fierce You Are! 

The Next Time You Look In the Mirror Remind Yourself of What Your Body has Done For You and Your Baby. Remind Yourself that even though Your Belly is Soft that your Body is Stronger than it Ever Was! 

When you’re in the Gym and the Weight you once Lifted feels like a Distant Memory Remind Yourself that the Weight of The Bar You Lift is Insignificant to the Weight Your Arms Carry for Your Little Bundle and This Is all You Need. 

You Are Amazing, 

You Have Changed, 

You Are Not The Same, 

You Are Better, 

You Are Beautiful, 

You Are Strong and 

You Are Woman!

Welcome Mumma to the Best Body You Will Ever Meet! 💕

Tay xx

No Bake Brownie & Gooey Baked Brownie Recipe

If you Love Chocolate just as much as i do, you are going to Love these Recipes! Both Recipes are Totally Guilt Free, Gluten Free and Nut Free! What More Could You Want?! So, what are you Waiting for, Let’s Get Cooking a Storm!!

No Bake Brownie Recipe:

3 x 90g quality dark chocolate (i use the Greens Brand)
1/2 cup coconut oil
3 x cups of pitted dates
1/2 cup water
1 1/2 cups coconut flour
1 tsp vanilla essence
pinch salt
3/4 cup olive oil

-Melt chocolate on low heat with 1/2 cup coconut oil
-Blend Dates with 1/2 cup water until smooth caramel consistency
-Combine all ingredients together and blend until thick brownie consistency
-Pour Mixture into Baking Tray and pop in Fridge to set for 6 hours
-Pull out of fridge and cut into brownie squares
-Pop into container and enjoy when On The Go!

No Bake BroN

Gooey Baked Brownie Recipe:

1 cup coconut flour
180g dark chocolate
50g Butter
1 cup coconut sugar
1/4 cup cacao powder
1 tsp vanilla essence
3 eggs
90g dark chocolate broken into chunks

-Melt 180g chocolate with Butter on low heat
-Once melted combine all ingredients together to form brownie batter
-Pour into baking tray
-Pop in oven for 30 minutes
-Take tray out and allow to cool and harden
-Once cool cut into brownie squares and pop into container