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Mumma Bear & Baby Beau

by | Jan 7, 2021 | Lifestyle, The Nourish Bowl | 0 comments

Good Morning from my Beautiful Big King Bed with Beau Snuggling in Soo Warm and My Husband Making me a Tea.
Ah, Bliss!
This Mumma is taking this moment this morning too jump on and write to you guys and let you in a little on the last few days!
it’s been very Eventful in the Semmler Household to say the least!
On the 4/01/2021 we Welcomed our little man Beau Roy Semmler into the World.
I was in labour for 2 long days and honestly believe he was waiting for just the right moment to make his appearance into our Lives Earth Side. Although I wish he hadn’t of made me labour for 2 days and wait so long but we are soo Happy that he is here and we can Nurture him on the Outside Daily.
We’ve been adjusting to Life again with a New little Bubba and Finding our Feet one step at a time.
Each time you have a Baby it changes your Life again, your Routine, your Hormones, your Daily Duties and Everything in between. It’s a full shift that you Have to work it out all over again.
I’m so Blessed to have such a beautiful new extension that allows me to feel Safe and Happy. With Great Big Windows, Beautiful Timber Beams, Glorious En-suite a step away and a Byron Buy Luxurious Hanging Chair just outside.
it’s made me feel so Comfortable that I don’t feel the need to leave or rush. I’m enjoying being home with my family and my babies to get used to our new Norm. Honestly haven’t really moved much from the bed to the hanging chair to the kitchen!
My Gorgeous Daughter Maui May has been Amazing adjusting to her New little Brother. She helps to burp him, wrap him and gives him lots of cuddles and kisses. She’s doing well adjusting to little Beau, besides the minor things like wanting me to run with her down the driveway 3 days after giving birth (ah, no thanks! Lol) and swinging on Beaus baby swing when I need to put him in it. She’s such a cheeky, vibrant, curious little girl.
oh and my Amazing Husband Josh has been taking good care of us! Honestly so lucky to have such a Caring Husband that takes everything in his stride.
We are soo Happy to be a new Family of 4 and can’t wait to see what the rest of 2021 holds for the Semmler Family.
For now I’ll just be enjoying my family and my beautiful home to bring in the New Year.


-Tays Home Birth Story- Stay tuned to hear about our incredible, adventurous, long, blissful Home Birth.