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Gratitude ☀️🌈

by | Jun 22, 2021 | The Nourish Bowl | 0 comments

What are You Grateful for Today?? 

My Top 3 Today ⬇️

The Sun ☀️ 

Time 🔢

Friendships 🤗

It’s Easy to be Grateful but we don’t often Stop to Think or Appreciate what exactly it is that we are Grateful for. 

Lately I have Found Myself Really Immersing in the Moment.

Looking into My Kids Eyes and Stopping to Notice the Way they Look at You with such Love. The way that you are Their World. 

I’ve been Noticing how the Sun Feels on My Skin and Looking up at the Sky. Even yesterday I took Maui and Beau for a Walk and Maui was in Awe of the Moon. She Stopped to look at it and took it all in. She was telling me how the Moon was in the Sky and Talking to it. It’s something as Simple as the Moon that we can be Soo Grateful for. 

It’s something as Simple as having 4 Walls around You, Having 2 Legs to Stand on, having Friends to Lean on, having Running Water or having Grass. 

I Notice how when I have a Conversation I realise in the Moment how much Better off than some People we are. How it is such a Privilege just to be able to go for a Walk. Because In that Moment that you are Walking Someone Else might not be. 

In Every Moment & Any Moment there is ALWAYS Something to be Grateful for no Matter how Big or Small. 

When you are Sick, be Grateful for the Health you Had 

When you are Sad, be Grateful for the Tears you can Cry

When you are Hurting, be Grateful for the Supportive People you have 

When you are Cold, be Grateful that you have the Opportunity to get Warm 

When you are Lonely, be Grateful for the Time to Think & Expand on You

When you have No Money, be Grateful for Experiences that come your Way 

When you have no Shelter, be Grateful that your Body can see the Sun 

There is a Grateful Moment in Any Ungrateful Moment. 


What are You Grateful for Today? 

Tay xx