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Fill Your Own Cup First 🍷🍷🍷

by | Apr 21, 2021 | The Nourish Bowl | 0 comments

You know when your phone dings and it’s another message from someone wanting to catch up, have a meeting or “call me when you get five”. You don’t reply straight away because you are literally thinking the next time I get 5 I’ll be doing nothing! 

Becoming a mum makes your life busy, becoming a mum of 2 makes your life even busier. With myself between 2 business, 2 kids, house work, cooking, creating, social media, animals and soo much more by the time I’ve done all my jobs (if I get to them all, highly unlikely) I just want to sit, have a cup of tea and just breathe for 5 seconds. 

Today all I wanted to do was make some Healthy Brownie and Go for a Run. Today all I did was work on the Gym, Cafe and House work, Oh and look after 2 wingy kids that just wanted mums attention. 

I find myself struggling between having a social life but also wanting to spend quality time with my kids but also wanting to be by myself. Anyone else feel me?! 

Prioritising what is most important to you  and what is Really going to Fill Your Cup will not only make you a Better Person but also a Healthier Person. 

By Simply saying No to some things like; an Extra Meeting that week or a Catch up with a Friend and Leaving some time Open just for You can really Help your Mental Health. 

Over the next 2 Weeks I have over Booked myself between Meetings, Catch Ups, Birthday Parties and Events. I have Committed to Saying No more once these few weeks are over. 

I Need to do this for Me and My Kids. I know when I’m too Busy in my own Head my kids 100% feed off this and turn into little feral children. By slowing down, appreciating them and being in the moment it not only calms them down but makes the mood and flow of the day soo much nicer, When We aren’t running from place to place, rushing to get into the car, rushing to get home for their nap or rushing to find something to eat. 

The simpleness of No can make a world of Difference. 

So hands up if you are with me to commit to more time for You with a little less Yes and a little More No. 🤗

I’m Filling My Own Glass Of Wine First! 🍷

Tay x