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Every Time You Put Something Into Your Body You Are Either Feeding Disease Or Fighting It.

by | Feb 24, 2021 | The Nourish Bowl | 0 comments

My Nana asked me the question the other day about what Eating certain foods will do to you. She’s been Loving Feeding Maui Juice, Bickies and Dip, Cake and Soo On. She said to me “what’s it going to do to her?” And always says “just let her have some, a little bit won’t matter.”

My Nana Grew up when foods were a lot simpler. You drank milk straight from the cow, your bread wasn’t so processed and your juice was just well, juice! It’s hard for her to understand that since then the food industry has changed to Cheap, Nasty, Additives and Preservatives. Nothing is exactly what it seems. Juice has unnecessary added Sugars, Bread has strayed from traditional cooking methods and uses wheat that has been genetically modified to feed the masses cheap and fast and dairy causes inflammation in majority of the population. 

The best way I can explain to my Nana about why actually Yes, a little Does Matter is by saying “everything you put into your body is either Feeding Disease or Fighting it.”

You have the Privileged Opportunity to have Control over your Health by what you put into Your Body.

This is something we take for granted.

Your Gut Health starts from before you are conceived. It starts from what your parents health is like, what they ate and what the fed their minds. Every meal, every conversation is an opportunity to better your Health.

You have Control over this and Every Cake you Eat is going to be Adding the wrong kind of Bacteria and Nutrient to your Body. Every Cake you eat adds up over time and can have a Direct Impact to your Health. 

Just like every Form of moment can add up to make you Fitter, every form of Sugar can add up to make you Sicker. 

Small things Lead to Big Things.

Realise that You are in Control over what goes into your Body and each Choice Directly Affects Your Health.

So Yes Nana, It Does Matter. 

Tay xx