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Do Personal Trainers Eat Healthy All The Time?

by | Dec 15, 2020 | Nutrition, The Nourish Bowl | 0 comments

The Million Dollar Question You are All Dying to Hear!

You know when you have a trainer and you eat a naughty chocolate and you feel like a failure because you fell off the ban wagon? Well guess what that’s actually just called being human! And your trainer more than likely has a few sneaky chocolates here and there. They’d probably be lying if they said they didn’t.

I’m a personal trainer and I can tell you right now that eating healthy 100% of the time just doesn’t happen! Not only is it not realistic but by fully restricting yourself it can make your eating habits worse and when you do crave something unhealthy you totally binge out and that’s when the guilt kicks in!

The best thing anyone can do including personal trainers is adopt a healthy balanced lifestyle which includes having a few of your favourite treats here and there without guilt.

I’m a total sucker for pizza! Omg, I can literally eat a whole pizza! I’ve only recently been okay with sharing the fact that yes, I like to eat pizza and other unhealthy treats here and there. I think by putting out that you eat healthy all the time can set up unrealistic expectations for other people that follow you, including your clients. I’ve actually found that by letting people see the real personal trainer lifestyle they can connect with you more and don’t look at you like you are something they can’t achieve.

Trainers are humans to and they still like to eat for fun and satisfaction just like everyone else. The secret with trainers is that we know how to eat healthy and when it’s appropriate to have extra water, eat more fats, proteins etc. We know how to connect our bodies with the foods that we eat and understand that the feeling of health is soo much more than a good piece of chocolate.

So next time you come across a personal trainer or Instagram page that only speaks health to you, remember they are human and are probably eating chocolate whilst writing their next post.

Tay xx