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Delegating and Letting Go of Expectations

by | Feb 9, 2021 | Lifestyle, The Nourish Bowl | 0 comments

Are you the Type of Person that Feels like they Have to do it All??

Do you Feel Guilty for Not Getting Tasks Done and Asking for Help??

Do you Rate your Success Based on how much you Achieve in a Day?? 

I Totally Understand You!! 

This is Me on a Daily Basis. 

Is this Pressure we place on Ourselves or is it the way Society has Moulded our Behaviour? 

I was on Instagram and came across a Mum who was saying that this Year so she doesn’t Burn Out there’s a few things she needs to Change. She was going to Order Healthy Prepped Foods, Get a House Cleaner and Put Her Kids in an Extra Day of Day Care. She told her Hubby and he was really Supportive but Proceeded to say “isn’t there One Person that could do ALL of those things?”

To which she Replied “Yes! But it’s a Full Time Job!” 

Sometimes you need someone to put things into Perspective in order for you to have that ‘ah huh’ Moment. This was Mine!

I Realised that by Just Doing the so Called “Mum Jobs” around Home this was Actually a Full Time Job that you Don’t get Paid For and you are just Expected to do. From Cleaning The House, to Cooking Meals for Everyone, to Wiping Bums and Keeping Kids Alive! This is Full Time! And what’s Better there is No Clock On or Clock Off Time. So When you Add Work, Studying and Kids Social Activities on Top of All that it’s Easy to see how Break Downs Happen, Relationships Fail and You Begin to Lose Yourself. 

So what can We do to Fix This?? 

Let Go Of Expectations! 

Let Go Of Feeling Like YOU Have To Do It All! 

And Delegate Tasks that Take Away from what Makes you Happy.

Nobody can do it All! 

Not even the Mum down the Road with the Neatest House, the Tightest Dress and Perfect Lipstick!

What you don’t know is she has a Nanny, Personal Trainer, Cleaner and Garden Carer.

She Cannot do it All and Neither Can, Nor Should You. 

So Sit Down, Write a List of all Your Daily Tasks and Decide what Most Serves YOU and Let Go of What Doesn’t! 

Life’s too Short to Burn Out Daily!

You Need to Enjoy Your Kids, Enjoy Your House, Enjoy Your Life! 

I’m Letting Go Of My Cleaning and Getting a Cleaner once a Week so I can Spend More Time With My Family. My Family is The Most Important Thing To Me and Not Being Present with them because I’m Busy Cleaning the House is something I’m Willing to let go of. 

So What are You Letting Go Of in Order to Live Your Best Life??! 

Tay x