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About Me & My Health Journey

by | Nov 17, 2020 | Lifestyle, The Nourish Bowl | 0 comments

We are all told from the moment we are born that we are deficient, that we are imperfect and need medical intervention straight away.

We are all given the same routine drugs and health care advice.

But what happens if you aren’t deficient and what happens if your body is functioning better than the person next to you?

Why all of a sudden did we become deficient as soon as we take our first breath?

These are all questions I have grown to ask over the course of learning about my own health and body.

They are also questioning that we don’t commonly ask.

My first problem with my skin began around age 6. I started getting a rash on my neck. I have some theories about why this may be but I’m going to let you have a little think about certain things that can cause autoimmune diseases in people, especially at a young age.

My rash continued for some time at which point we ended up getting a biopsy to find out the exact diagnosis. My skin condition is called Dariers Disease. A rare disease that affects the correct formation of the skin cells.

Once we got the diagnosis it’s pretty much standard procedure from there.

“oh, there’s not much we can do for you.”

“here’s a steroid cream to help.”

“here’s some Roaccutane for 6 years of your life”

“why don’t we try relying on antibiotics daily”

All these suggestions and appointments took about 10 minutes and cost a couple of hundred dollars plus the medication.

Now at this time I didn’t know to ask questions. What I knew was that the doctors knew best and that’s all that was going to help me. (or so I thought)

So, over the years from 2007-2013 I relied heavily on Roaccutane and antibiotics to stop my skin from flaring up. These drugs are something that should NEVER be taken for a long time. But as a teenage girl who just wanted to fit in you do anything to have clear skin.

These drugs didn’t stop all my flareups, I still got them and sometimes bad! These would often end in tears, distress, A LOT of makeup and anger.

I also tried laser skin surgery to remove the top layers of skin and promote new healthy skin. This was the most excruciating thing I have been through. They didn’t even get to do as many layers as they wanted and I even had the green whistle. But do you know what the worst bit was? It didn’t even work!

And Even though flareups kept happening I never thought to look at what might actually be causing the problem….

My diet was far from good. No water was in sight, coke and cordial were my choice of drink, pizza, party pies and cheese and bacon buns were a favourite for lunch. But I didn’t even think that this would be causing any problems.

Why do we not have more education around healthy eating and healthy guts especially in kids?!

Anyways in 2013 I decided enough was enough! I did not want to be taking medication anymore! I needed to look down other avenues. I could not have kids whilst being on this medication and you had to be off it for some time if you were even thinking about having kids. So it was time to get clear!

Now, I don’t know what triggered me to start changing my diet, this I can’t remember but little by little I was changing things. Foods like gluten and dairy I started to steer clear of. These foods can cause a massive inflammatory response in the gut leading to many problems including skin conditions. I started eating veggies and drinking water. I started looking at food in terms of health and not “Fat” or “Skinny”. I started to realise that maybe I could manage my skin through diet!

My Diet got better and better. My knowledge about health got wider and the power I felt that I could control this was immense.

I now know what triggers my flareups. Somethings still take time to sit down and work out but I know a list of things that cause my skin irritation.





-Chemicals (no pool swimming for me!)



This is just a simple list and I know if any of these things become present within me, I will experience a flareup and yes I still do!

I continue to research and learn about gut health, Mental health and how we can improve our microbiome with what we eat, how we view the world and our stress response.

I work with a naturopath and also take supplements such as vitamin C, probiotics and cod liver oil.

So, if I can control my skin problem via what enters my body what other diseases can we control?

Through my experience and opinion, a lot of autoimmune diseases and conditions we see today can be managed via a diet and lifestyle change. But you have to do the work, you have to look deep, you have to be patient and you have to know that there are other avenues than medicine.

The medical world is fantastic and saves lives but the medical world is also overused. Be careful with what enters your body and be conscientious about what enters your body.

Always make an informed decision about why you are doing what you are doing and the outcome.

Your Gut health is important and you are the only one that has control over Your Health!

I hope this little insight to my health has inspired you in some way to become healthier or research more about conditions you may have.

Tay xx