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❤️Letting Go of Relationships that No Longer Serve You

by | May 14, 2021 | Lifestyle | 0 comments

Well thank Feck the Week is Almost Over!! 

It’s been a week of Laughter, Tears, Tantrums and Unsettled Feelings. There’s been Negative Energy in the Air and I Hope it starts to Shift soon. 

This week was about Learning to let go. I’ve had to Learn to let go of Friendships that are No Longer Serving me as they once were. 

For Me this is Really Hard because I Fall into the Category of a “People Pleaser”, I want everyone to Like Me and I want to be Friends with Everyone. And well, You just can’t be. 

It’s Funny how when you are going through or experiencing something the universe sends lots of Friendly Reminders or Gentle Nudges your way. 

This week on a Podcast I was listening to they were talking about how you need to Recognise when a Friendship is more about Reminiscing Memories than making New Ones and how People Grow apart and go on their own Journey. 

An Email came through the other day with a section about how she was Focussing Too much on Old Relationships she couldn’t see the New ones in front of her. 

And then this popped up a couple of times on Instagram: 

Your New Life is going to Cost You Your Old One. 

It’s going to cost you your Comfort Zone and your sense of Direction. 

It’s going to cost you Relationships and Friends. 

It’s going to cost you being Liked and Understood. 

But it doesn’t Matter. 

The People that are Meant for You will Meet you on the Other Side. 

You’re going to Build a New Comfort Zone around the things that actually Move you Forward. 

And instead of being Liked you are going to be Loved.

Instead of being Understood you are going to be seen.

All You’re going to Lose is what was Built for a Person you No Longer are.

Let it Go. 💕

I think this is the way of the Universe Telling Me I have Grown and it’s Time to Move on. 

Tay xx